Crisis Response, Support & Advocacy
Supporting women, children, families/whanau in the Christchurch and Canterbury community since 1986.

We are a Crisis Response Agency

Our services are focused on the safety and well-being of women, children, families/whanau.


This is a crisis response and phone support line. Callers access information and support, our safe house, community services and other services, via the 24 hour phone line. We are committed to empowering women providing information, options, support and advocacy so that women can make informed choices to move towards a life free from violence.



Our safe house provides temporary emergency accommodation as an immediate solution for the safety needs of women, children and young people. Access to the safe house is through self-referral by women via the crisis line. Others may support a woman to make the phone call; however if it is about your situation we must talk with you.



We provide a safe, secure and supportive environment. We advocate for and support women, children and young people resident in the house in a range of ways. For example, we provide emergency food and clothing, support to access health, legal and financial services, and the level of support appropriate to individuals and family/whanau needs.



As an agency where the interests of children and young people are paramount, we ensure that all children and young people using our services receive assessment and support appropriate to need. We are committed advocates for the rights of children and young people and their safety and well being.


The safe house can accommodate up to four families at any one time, has a shared kitchen and lounge, two bathrooms and a laundry.

There is a garage for storage and a room attached which has a multitude of uses.

The safe house is set on a large section providing plenty of outdoor space; and a playground
for children.

The staff team are based at the safe house.


We support women, children, families/whanau living in the community. The focus is always on safety and well-being, in addition to support with a wide range of needs. This support is provided within the community at safe locations, and can be long or short term depending on need. Our experienced team provides crisis response to ensure immediate safety planning and support; community outreach; and Whanau Support / Maori Liaison to strive to ensure culturally appropriate services for Tangata Whenua choosing to use our services.



We provide individualised client education sessions and general client education. We support clients to refer to and access specialised domestic violence programmes and group education.



We provide specialised domestic violence training, education, workshops and presentations to other agencies and community groups. We also provide women’s refuge domestic violence presentations to raise awareness on the work of refuge and the nature and effect of domestic violence and related issues.



Whanau Protect National Home Safety Service is delivered alongside our existing support services. This service is another key tool, increasing safety for individuals and whanau in the homes in which they live, through the provision of safety and security upgrades.


Fully affiliated to the National Collective
of Independent Women’s Refuges